DJL Advisors, LLC
Member - Audit Committee

Mr. Lockhart has served as a director of the Company since March 2011. Mr. Lockhart is an independent advisor to airlines and leasing companies in the financing and procurement of civil aircraft, capital markets and in and out of court restructuring. Mr. Lockhart joined Lockheed Corporation while in college and in 1979 became a founding executive of Lockheed Finance Corporation. Mr. Lockhart was recruited in 1982 to become president of Fairchild Industries' new subsidiary formed to provide sales financing of the company's regional aircraft. In 1987, Mr. Lockhart joined Airbus Americas as a member of the sales finance team and assumed management of the function two years later, followed in 2002 by promotion to Chief Financial Officer. During 2008/09, Mr. Lockhart was head of capital markets for GMT Global Republic Aviation, an aircraft leasing company. Mr. Lockhart is a graduate of Pepperdine University and California State University.